Antichrist Doom tc. for Doom 2

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AntiChrist Doom
for Doom2.

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Download Antichrist Doom 6.03MB
If you think a level is impossible without cheating you might want to take a look at how I beat them. Yes level 16 is possible starting from scratch ! :) enjoy
Recorded demos 271KB

Download ZDoom V1.22
ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source code to Win32. As such, it not only works with (and requires) Windows 95/NT 4.0, but it also adds new features not found in the version produced by id Software. Significant differences between ZDoom and regular Doom:

- Will work under Windows NT with sound. - Free look (look up/down). - High resoulutions. - Translucency. - A console. - MOD and MIDI support. - Better mouse support. - Limited TCP/IP (actually UDP) networking. - Quake-style key bindings. - Jumping. - Crosshairs. - Walk over/under other things. - Hexen-style map editing. - Almost full BOOM support.

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