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Title: Antichrist Doom
File names: Asprites.wad Contain all the Sprite's modifications
Asounds.wad Contain all the new sounds from the Jurassic Park movie.
Alevels.wad Contain the 21 levels + textures and Musics.
Author: Danny Despres
Nicknames: FreemanDan
E-mail adress:
Author comment: Feel free to e-mail any comments or suggestions you may have about my work.
Author note:: When i decided to do these Doom 2 wads, Doom 2 was getting old so I modified some existing good doom 1 and doom 2 levels to go faster. Some of my levels are not finished due to a lack of time but they are well done and i decided to include them in Antichrist anyway. All the levels are possible without any cheating and you should not do any cheat when playing Antichrist doom, its much better! In some Levels there is some skills differences so try the levels at different skills. All the skills levels are hard and are for experienced players but like I said doom 2 is old and I think that almost everyone that will play these wads will have some experience in this kind of game and may be skilled enough to survive.
Anthichrist note: Antichrist Doom is more about carnage levels than puzzle solving levels, you don't really need to be smart but you must be a strong Demon ass kicker to get out of this Hell. Have fun :)
Additional credits: Doom2 by Id Softwares
Heretic and Hexen by Raven Softwares
The Jurassic Park Movie for the exellent dinosaur sounds.
Play information:
Level #: Map 1 to 14
Single player: yes
Cooperative 2-4: yes
Deathmatch 2-4: yes
Difficulty settings: yes, not all
New sounds: yes
New graphics: yes
New Music: yes
Level #: Map 15 to 19 + secret levels (Deathmatch levels)
Single player: yes
Cooperative 2-4: yes (may be boring :)
Deathmatch 2-4: yes
Difficulty settings: yes, not all (different weapons)
New sounds: yes
New graphics: yes
New Music: yes
base: New levels from scratch & Modified Doom and Doom 2 levels.
Editors used: DCK,Wintex and Photofinish.
Known bugs: In some levels you can get a visplane overflow error. The only way i can fix this is by removing details but the maps are too perfect like they are to remove any details so good luck with this. KNOWN MAP WITH THIS ERROR: Map14 and map19.
Copyright/Permission: You can use my wads only if no modifications are made to the wads and the text file is included un-modified.
You MAY distribute these wads with the text file, and without any modifications. You may distribute these files in any electronic format BBS, HTTP, FTP, Diskette, etc) as long as you include the files intact.
Antichrist doom is a Freeware thing I did for my friends and I when we were playing Doom2 via network and I now share it to all of you doom players. Enjoy the thing and share the fun.
Tanks to: All my friends that helped me beta testing via the network carnage's.
Id Softwares for this exellent game.
And of course YOU that took the time to read all this.

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