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Dark star 3d model

This is the DarkStar; An ancient magical artifact of great power. It was deep underground below an imposing tower. I have found it in the hand of a young man that was lying on the ground. He was dead and in a state of advanced decomposition. There was no sign of battle and I am still not sure what caused his death. Maybe it was that star.

It is believed that it was the gods themselves who crafted it far away in the past. No one know the purpose of the star or why the gods sent it here but there is an old prophecy about that rune. It say's that there are five hidden stars in the design and that if a mortal with the wisdom to uncover them all succeed in doing so, all the powers of the rune would be released. What would happen next only gods know but What we know for sure is that the cost of failure is extremely high. Many mortals tried to focus on the star and find all the hidden stars But they all failed. Unfortunately no one lived to say what stars they found. There might be an order to follow when uncovering the stars. I believe that when the hidden star become clear in your mind it open a portal and a connection is made with the god responsible of it's powers. If the god you connected to was an evil god, this mean the star is connected with negative energy. If the next star that come to the mortal mind contain positive energy, a terrible conflict could happen. I would not even dare imagine what happen to the mortal's mind then but if all the positive energy is connected together and channeled in the star the amount of power that would result of that would be unimaginable. What I think is that the positive energy could open a portal to heaven while the negative energy a portal to hell. That must be the purpose of the two obvious stars.

I am Giving you this artifact because I believe you have the strength and wisdom to uncover it's secret. If you open the gate of hell you will doom us all but if you open the portal of heaven, you might just save us from that evil invasion we have been struggling against for years. It is clear to me that we are loosing this war and you are our only hope my friend.

I will pray for your success.

DarkStar 3d model.
DarkStar portal animation. - 1.417 mb.

here is more renders of my DarkStar 3d model.
DarkStar 3d model. DarkStar 3d model. DarkStar 3d model. DarkStar 3d model. DarkStar 3d model. 3d logo design - DarkStar pentagram logo.

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