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Unreal Tournament levels

Carnage Arena is what I call a non-stop action level. Combats are intense and the player never know from where the enemy will attack since he can come from everywhere around him all the time. This makes players nervous and carefull wich increase the fun. I beleive this map is a perfect duelling arena, in fact it as been designed for duelling. But it can suport up to 16 players well and will still makes great team deathmatch, domination or capture the flag games (if you like carnages, because with more than 4 players that's what it will be). This map is designed to be played with other players only since bots and warpzones don't go well together. The map is pathnoded so games against bots should not be too bad. duelling a godlike bot makes some verry challenging games, even if you are almost certain to lose ;) In Domination and Capture the flag 16 players are perfect. 4defenders and attackers each teams makes the name of this map fit it perfectly :) I hope you like this level.
 Death Match Unreal Tournament map - Carnage Arena

Deathmatch Carnage Arena Domination Carnage Arena Capture the flag Carnage Arena
Carnage Arena maps. 1.947mb

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