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Blood levels

This is the only map I ever did for Blood and I still play it since no other games match it's DeathMatch action. Yeah quake 3 have a lot of action but you can't use 2 super shotgun or 2 rifles at the same time. I am pretty sure you will enjoy having those in this map but if your opponent get em first, you better get out of his way. In this map, all the power-ups are in the base in the middle. if your opponent control the base, then he have all the power-ups for himself so you'll have to use your skills to sneak in, steal power-ups and take control.

If you still have Blood, i suggest you give it a try with a friend. it's definately worth it.

 Death Match Blood map - Brutal Arena

Blood level - Brutal Arena Blood level - Brutal Arena Blood level - Brutal Arena

Download Brutal Arena 9 kb.

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