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Hexen levels

Welcome to my little Hexen site
Hexen is an exelent game but it lacked of good deathmatch maps. Guys at Raven seams to have created this game as a Cooperative only game but for me it's a Deathmatch only game. Even now that Quake and quake 2 are out, i still play multiplayer hexen games in these maps and have more fun than in quake. Hexen's true potential lies in it's Deathmatch action and in my maps it's right in your face, you won't find better Deathmatch arenas for this game trust me ;)

In the 1st maps Combats can last for over 15 minutes without dieing and often you almost die but survive, recover, and almost kill your opponent. what is great of that is that after 15 min of combat you really don't want to be the one that die and If you die you "really" seek for vengence so that makes some really intense combats.

In the 4th map it's a different story, the trill is to stay in the main room and kill everything that move. Having 4 fighters in a small room makes some bloody boxing matchs :) try to kill the more you can in a single life. Play this map with 3 friends and you won't be able to stop laughing because of the punch sounds and and great death sounds, a real carnage :)
I hope you enjoy these maps as mutch as we did.

There is only 2 maps but there is 3 versions of the 1st maps with different textures so you can choose the one you like best in the portal room.

In the portal room there is smal holes for pigs where they can hide from the opponent. the pig that is hidden can go from one hole to an other quickly and can go out and bite the ennemy from behind and throw bottles wich is quite funny :) Also in the portal room there is 2 switches that allow you to lower the walls of the arena and make pits instead of walls. This change the whole style of the combats and still make great fights.

In the map 4, the brutal one, if you don't want to stay in the room where everyone start you can go out and try to colect the 3 peices of the 4th weapon. The problem is 2 parts are in that room :) collecting the 3 is quite challenging but when sucessfull "very" destrucive when you get back to that carnage room.

Download it
Download it

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