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Antichrist doom Map 15
antichrist doom screenshot

This is my favorite map. Even tough it is not finished it truly rule. Trust me on that; you will never find any Doom 2 maps as challenging and entertaining as this one.

You see those tree Arch-Viles coming at me ? Well, the only weapon I have is the super shotgun and not far behind me is a rectangular shaped room where I can't hide from them. It looks impossible to beat them right ? Well it is if you try to kill them now. What you have to do is sneak past behind them, avoid the tons of demons, get the megasphere and the plasma gun. Use that plasma gun and make your way through the demons (I mean it, blast your way through them;) get the rocket launcher and take care of those arch-viles with it. Be careful of the chaingunners and skeleton's rockets while your doing this. Check the
recorded demos to see how I do it, it's pretty intense

(sometimes I die in the demo instead of going through the archviles, load it again and it will work fine)
ZDoom is required to play the demos.
good luck.

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