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Danny Despres

When the game Doom was released, my journey into the fantastic world of computer art and entertainment began. The action and ambience of the game was so great that after finishing the game, I needed more. It is then that my hunt for a good Doom level editor began. I finally got my hands on WadEd and created several levels for Doom. It turned out that I enjoyed creating and playing my own levels more than the original levels. When Doom II came out, I wanted to do more than just maps. I modified the sprites, textures, sounds and music as well. Then I did the same with Heretic and Hexen. Before I began learning 3d softwares I did one last level and this time it was for the game Blood This level did fit so well with the action of the game that we never got bored of it. No need to create more Blood maps then.

Anyways, I was busy learning 3d Studio R4 (for MSDOS). While all the great FPS games like Quake and Halflife came out. I was learning everything I could about 3d Studio. Then came Photoshop, 3d Studio Max, Premiere, Z-Brush, Lightwave, Softimage, Maya, and many other useful softwares. All this learning have kept me busy for some time so I could not create more maps for the new 3d games.

When the game Unreal Tournament came out, I decided to test my new acquired 3d skills so I went back to level design. I learned the Unreal Editor and then I created a small but complex map. All the geometry of my first map was created in 3d Studio Max then imported into the Unreal editor. The second map I did for Unreal Tournament I decided to do it all in the unreal editor and add ambient sounds with lighting effects. I was quite satisfied with both maps so I decided that I should work on my 2d skills and improve my 3d skills. I want to be ready for Unreal II and Doom 3. I will definitely go back to level editing when those games are released.

Basically, I'm a level designer who can model complex 3d models like this dragon head, or this low-poly wolf. I am also familiar with Audio editing (sound forge) and music tracking (mad tracker) and of course Flash and web design.

I know the following programs very well.
3d Studio R4 | 3d Studio Max | Z-Brush | UnrealED | WorldCraft |
Photoshop | Flash | Premiere | DreamWeaver | NotePad (HTML)

I know the basics of the following programs. I am still learning them.
Maya | Lightwave | Softimage XSI | Q3 Radient | Deep Paint 3d

All the art work displayed in my online portfolio was created with a Pentium II 266 or slower. I know, I need to upgrade :)

If you need a good 3d modeler or 3d level designer, please contact me. I'm looking for challenging and interesting projects to work on.

Work Experience: Cybertime Media - from 02/10/2000 to ...
              position: Webmaster.

Work Experience: Tactical Soft - from 24/09/2001 to 04/02/2002
              position: 3d Modeler & Level designer.

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