Application from Danny Despres - Level designer / 3d modeler

Hi, I have just seen on that you are looking for 3d modelers and I Believe that I may have what it takes for the job, well I hope so. Ubisoft is, in my opinion, one of the best gaming companies of the world and I would be more than happy to be part of such a great team.

My name is Danny Despres and I am totally dedicated to computer graphics and video games. I've been building game levels and 3d models for more than 5 years now. I am 100% Self taught, when I decided I wanted to create video games for a living, there was absolutely no training in this field here in Quebec. I decided to learn everything by myself and I think it was a very good decision since we always have to learn new softwares and techniques in this field. I believe being self taught is the best way to go. When you know where to look, you can have access to absolutely all the information you need on the Internet.

Everything started when I first got the game Doom. I played this game a lot and then completely modified it and played it even more. I created over 20 levels for it and modified the sprites, textures, sounds and music. After that came heretic and Hexen, I couldn't resist modifying them and I did the same as I did with doom and doom2. While working on Hexen I was looking forward to do the same with Quake so I took 3d Studio and spent all my time learning it. Then I mastered Photoshop, 3d studio max, premiere and several other useful applications. This is why I never did any Quake/quake 2 levels. I believed it was better to learn high end 3d software instead of simple level editors. Now I think I did the right thing because creating a game level is quite easy for me since I can build it all with 3d Studio max. I tested my new acquired skills when I went back to building game levels. I picked Unreal Tournament and learned the UnrealED editor. Then I built a map in 3d Studio Max and imported it in UnrealED and then textured it in it with some of my own textures. I was quite satisfied with the result and confident that I didn't need to create much more levels and should focus on improving my modeling, skinning and animation skills instead. This is basically where I am right now, I'm trying to build a high poly human character as perfect as possible with good skin and animation but I'm so short on free time that it's taking forever. I'm also learning Lightwave, Deep paint 3d and Maya so I know the basics of these programs.

I work full time as a web master now so I don't have much free time left for my personal 3d work which is why I'm looking for a new job in the gaming field. I love 3d computer graphics and games more than anything else and I want to do it all day long.

I can model anything I want now with 3d Studio max. Some of my specialties are building 3d models based on drawings, designing first person shooter game levels and I can also color drawings quite well.

Please take a look at my on-line portfolio at...
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I built the whole dreamlords site concept and graphics.

All the work I have on this website is a little dark and is probably not the kind of models you are looking for. These models are designed for RPG like games and Doom/Quake like games. I can do other styles as well, I worked mostly on fantasy models because of the challenge they represent to me. Builing realistic monsters and humans is very challenging and that's why I do it. I have created an animation of most of my 3d models, check them out to see all the details of my models.

I hope that you will like my work and that we will meet soon.
I can't wait to get started ! ;)


Contact Information
Name: Danny Despres
Date of birth: 1977/06/06
Street adress: 8260 Chatillon App. #105 H1K1P2
City: Anjou (montreal)
Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Languages: French - English
Phone number: (514) 352-7078 or leave message at (514) 352-3518
ICQ number: 1155325

Software Knowledge
3d Studio (dos) 3d Studio Max Photoshop
Premiere UnrealED Flash
*Maya 3.0 *Deep Paint 3d *Lightwave 6.5
* mean that I'm still learning the software and I know the basics of it.

Job Objective
Become the best 3d modeler I can and create state of the art 3d models for great games


for more samples click here

I hope you like my work.
See ya soon ;)