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Joining Dreamlords

If you are talented at what you do and you are looking for a place where you can work from your home, have the chance to learn from others, keep all credits for your work and can have total creativity freedom Then we are looking for you.

Dreamlords work in a very different way than other entertainment businesses. It is not a company that use it's employees to make money, it is a tool for it's members that help them make money for doing what they love. Everyone here at Dreamlords is a freelance artist

Basically we are all be building stuff for our on-line portfolios but that stuff is designed to be used in a 3d game. So character modelers for example would do the best work they could do on a 3d character because it would be in his portfolio and it would showcase his modeling skills. Then an animator would pick it up and animate it to showcase his animation skills and so on... (show teamwork experience) Then when the model is completed it would be included in the 3d game which would be "our company's portfolio" We would eventually get paying contract work while we develop the game content and the contract would be passed on to the artist(s) that fit best the job requirements. When we finished the game, all the revenues from it will be used by dreamlords to contract it's members and hire some full time to work on the sequels

In short Dreamlords is our company and we must all work together to make it as good and successful as possible. The more successful the company is the better it will be able to pay us to do our games and 3d movies !

It is time for cooperation, let's create our jobs !

Contact us at: if you are interested and show us what you can do.

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